23 Mar

my top selling image so far!

“winter skies on fire”

My best – so far-  selling work  is a short tele (70mm) photo of the mountains just outside the famous Greek highlands village called Papiggo, situated in the mountainous north western part of the country.

I took this photo on the 29th of December back in 2014, early during sunset and edited the original RAW file  in a powerful, deep contrast color scheme to enhance the sunset glow that was illuminating the clouds.

For a direct link to the ShutterStock file, click here.

12 Mar

introducing a new model to the world : Reina

Reina is an amateur but aspired and passionate young model. Working with her always yields great photos as she is very comfortable and expressive in front of the lens.

Her gallery, featuring portraits and standing, sited or lying on sofa  full body poses,  is just starting to appear on ShutterStock (click here for her photos) and I am proud to present her to the world!

chair pose in sepia by Christos


21 Feb

Ionian sunset & new blog

Ionian sunset

Today, I decided I should start bloging my ShutterStock endeavors in the form of a … calendar…. at this stage, I don’t know how consistent / interesting the outcome will be, but I guess I will try…

This is one of my newest edits and ShutterStock submissions, “Ionian sunset”, photographed on the island of Lefkada a few years back, edited just yesterday in my favorite “dark & deep sunset” style.